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Things you should know about TikTok as parents

TikTok is one of the most popular Social media applications of the current time. It is the most downloaded app of the year 2019. The app has a huge fan base amongst youngsters. Kids too are very enthusiastic about the app and want to get TikTok followers, TikTok fans and TikTok likes but there is an age limit on TikTok due to which children below the age of 13 years cannot have an account on the app.

Is the app safe for children?

TikTok has a lot of safety features for its users, but still, people need to remain aware of every possible threat that is there on the app. There are a lot of people on the app who are looking for just one opportunity to fulfill their ill intentions. Kids especially are a soft target for these people. There are safety features through which kids can remain safe on the app.

What should a parent be concerned about on the app?

One of the major issues with TikTok is that any person can see the videos posted by people on the app without signing in to the app. You can watch videos that other people have posted without having an account on the app. This is one thing which parents should be concerned about as there is a lot of stuff on the application which is not appropriate for the kids to see. It may impact their mind in the wrong way. Another thing which parents should take care of is that on TikTok if you create an account and start sharing , then by default the content will be public and every kind of person will be able to see it. To prevent this you need to turn your account to private after creating an account on TikTok so that not every person has access to the account.

There are various things which a parent should know to avoid any kind of mishap with their kids while using TikTok. They need to keep a vigil and guide their kids about the possible dangers on the application. 

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